Shunning list

I have chosen to shun the following:

  • Ford Motor Company: for various problems with my Ford Focus
  • Kohl's: they refused to take back a single really bad sounding kids CD because I might have already copied it.
  • Wal-mart: do I even need to explain?
  • Best Buy: I just hate shopping there.
  • Mail-in-Rebates: if some company really wanted to save you money and not rip you off, they would charge less money for their products
  • Spider-Man comic books: because of the Clone Saga

There is plenty of room on this list and, as you can see above, it doesn't take much to get on it.

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One thought on “Shunning list

  1. llewlyn August 11, 2006 at 10:13 pm Reply

    Best Buy is evil. Really just pointedly poor at the entire ethics-in-business-practice thing. that have mastered the technique of bait-and-switch so well that an employee of Best Buy with a moral center doesn't last but a few months.

    right, then. Hi! i like your blog!

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