Personal Stories – My Day in Grainy Pictures

     Blackness.  Contentment.  A noise sounds.  The noise is loud and piercing.  It rips through my consciousness and shatters my sense of serenity.  Startled, I lay my hand over a black box with a green glowing face.  It is my alarm clock and it has gone off at 6:00.  Thus begins another typical day. 


This day is not so typical, in fact.  I chronicled this day with my handy PDA and its built in low quality digital camera.  This isn't something I do everyday, but it was a fun diversion from the norm.  When I awake, I normally head out to the gym.  My back was sore, so I decided to get some work done.  I started on a resistance motion and ended with my blog.

 It is black at 6:00a.m., like nighttime.  But by 6:30a.m., the Earth had rotated enough to reveal the sun.  Praise the sun.

  I never used to get up before dawn. 

At about 6:45a.m. I heard the baby cry out though the baby monitor.  This was my time to shine.

Little man is a very wriggy monkey boy and likes to make diaper changes difficult by flipping onto his belly.  My wife and I cloth diaper, and when I say "we" I mean she changes most of the diapers and does all of the laundry.  She is so great.

Now that little guy has a clean diaper and fresh clothes, its time to really wake up.  My wife had stacked a tower of blocks the night before.  Little man immediately runs to the pile of boxes and destroys them.  Notice how dark it still is.  This is about 7:00.

My wife starts to wake up now and I decide to take little guy for an early morning walk.  It is cold out for an August morning, so I dress us both in long sleeves.  We walk out to the park.  Little guy loves walks and was calm and relaxed the the entire 35 minutes. 

Now the sun is really starting to come out.  The Junior High up the block was getting packed with students.  Our town started a staggered bus schedule and certain grade levels begin 90 minutes earlier this year.  Sucks to be them!

I get ready for work and hand little guy back to my lovely wife.  She will nurse him to sleep again and take an early morning nap themselves.  They will wake up again around 10:00 a.m. or so.  My wife deserves the sleep, she takes care of little guy all night while I'm unconscious.  At 8:45, I'm off to work (man I'm so slow). 


I love having an office.  The scales of justice my give me away, yes I am a lawyer.  My work isn't really all that exciting; I could be filmed with time lapse photography.  It was someone's birthday today, and a coworker brought snacks to eat in celebration. Thankfully the snacks were good healthy fruit. I have little control over my obsession for snacks, especially free snacks. I ate a lot of fruit, but I am starving by about 11:45a.m. Somehow I survive until 12:05 before leaving for home to eat lunch.

When I drive up, I find my wife and baby waiting to say hello. 

Little guy is in no mood to play, but he is such a cutie even when he melts down. My sweetheart and I take turns holding him while we make some sandwhiches for lunch. We feed little man some Toasted Oats.

When little guy was born, I made lunch for my wifey-pooh.  She was so tired and really needed some healthy food to eat.  But now that she is back to here old sparkling self, we make lunches

together.  She washed the lettuce while I sliced the cheese.  I love being married to her.

This was little guy's third day eating the little Cheerios(R) like Os.  At first he would mash them into his fist and spread them on his face.  A few would land in his mouth.  Now he can pick up individual Os and put them into his mouth.  He is still working on chewing and swallowing.   

The lunch hour goes so quickly, and before we know it I'm heading back to the office.  Little guy is already slowing down and getting ready for his second nap of the day.  He will not actually wave, but that doesn't stop us from shaking his arm.  He used to smile real big when we did it, but now I think the novelty has worn off.  (for him, we still think it looks adorable).

Before I returned to work, I had to pick up a prescription for pain medicine.  My bad tooth will be extracted tomorrow, and my periodontist wants me drugged up before I head home. 

The afternoon was nice and slow as usual.  Whenever I have less than eight hours  of sleep, which is 19 days out of 20, I get a huge low around 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.  Too bad I can't bill for unconsciousness.  Today, however, there was a big surpise.  My wife was running a few errands nearby and brought little man by to say hello. 

Check out my boy's cool new shoes.  They are pricey for baby shoes, but my wife did her research, they are the best.  We specially ordered ones that look like real sneakers; they are actually difficult to put on Moccasins.  All of the women in my office go gaga for babies, and our little baby is especially endearing when he shows off his dimples and two teeth.  

The picture in the background was found in my Grandma's house after she died in 2004.  It was never taken out of the plastic.  It adds a lot of color to my otherwise drab office. 

I leave work at 5:15p.m.  I called ahead and wife and baby are once again waiting for me.  I love coming home. 

It is time for dinner.  We feverishly make dinner before little man's bedtime.  I am so hungry again that I can hardly stand it.  Once again, my wife is a super trooper and she bathes little guy in the kitchen sink while I grill brats on our fancy stove. 

Turkey Brats
Bathing in the Sink

I chose to protect our little guy's modesty, and edited the photo a little.  All the other photos are honest to goodness unedited yet very grainer low quality digital pictures. 

The turkey brats were so good we each had two.  I microwaved some broccoli to eat with it.  A guy in graduate school whose name I don't recall gave me the tip, 1 to 2 minutes on high in a covered dish and the broccoli comes out bright green and quite tasty.  I add some slices of butter to the top to add that special fat laden touch.  Nothing jazzes up vegetables like meat and fat.  (Sorry vegans and vegetarians). 

Eating is a chore.  Little guy is tired and "clingy" and my sweety and I take turns eating and holding him.  At 6:50, we are all in bed together.  I read little guy some stories as I always do.  A couple weeks ago, I started ending story time with "Goodnight Moon".  When I read "Goodnight noises everywhere", I make cricket, owl, coyote, frog, and fireplace noises.  Little guy gets a real kick out of this.  Then its lights out.  In the darkness I sing some songs, ending with Brahm's lullaby.  Meanwhile, my favorite mom is intermittenly nursing little guy.  He had a lot of extra energy, so I rocked him for another five minutes before leaving mom by herself.  I listen in on the baby monitor as I clean up the dishes.  I hate doing dishes, but I like helping out.  By 7:25, my beautiful wife comes downstairs.  Little man is asleep.

No rest for the wicked; I head back to the office.  There is an important brief due on Friday and I'll be out of comission tomorrow afternoon with an aching socket. 

Its not all bad.  I get to listen to some tunes and say hello to the night janitor.  Plus, around 9:30, I updated my blog.  Now its 10:00, time to sign-off and head home to bed.  I'll slip in next to little man.  He sleeps in our bed.  I'm not sure how much longer.  One of these days we will put him in the crib and let him cry it out.  Until then he'll roll over to me like a heat seaking missile.  A missle that moves like a worm that is.  Though crampt and hot, I'll fall asleep and start a new day tommorrow.  I'm not looking forward to having my tooth removed, but it will be nice to spend some more time with the loves of my life. 

Enter the blackness.

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