Untimely Reviews – “Failure to Launch”

     When in love, all romantic comedies are enjoyable.  I like to think of these Untimely Reviews as unbiased.  Due to the passage of time from a movie's original release and my untimely viewing of it, the previews and overheard criticism have faded from my memory.  This passage of times ordinarily leaves me a tabula rasa.  But alas, I am in love.

     I have been blissfully in love with my wife from the moment we met.  She is my sunshine in the morning and my lover's moon at night.  I could spend all of every day with her for eternity and want of nothing.  Together we live our own romantic comedy and when we see a cutesy movie about finding love, it is only art imitating life.

    So last night, when we curled up together to watch "Failure to Launch", we watched blissfully.  The jokes were funny.  The sweet moments made us smile gleefully.  The sappy moments warmed our hearts.  Best of all, when the protaganists finally have their tender and sincere kiss, we kissed along with them.  In that respect, "Failure to Launch" was actually quite successful. 

    I am not totally in lala land.  Some romantic comedies are so good that they are transcendant and can appeal to those in love but unfulfilled, those only hoping to be in love, and those so blissfully in love that they make the former double over and hurl up their popcorn.  Movies like "Sleepless in Seattle", "When Harry Met Sally", and "Notting Hill" fall into this category.  "Failure to Launch" falls into a second tier, those movies that appeal to the blisfully in love crowd and those hoping to be in love.  (There is no worse fate than unfulfilled love.)  Then of course is the category of movies that only those blissfully in love enjoy.  Why do we blissful folk enjoy otherwise mediocre movies?  Because we get to watch them with our sweeties, of course.  (I told you we make people hurl up their popcorn.)

    So, if you have a special someone or hope to find one, "Failure to Launch" is ready for take-off (Sorry, but punnery is a blessed tradition of movie reviews).  For all others, stick with the classics or maybe all twelve hours of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, which is romantic in its own right.

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