Personal Stories – My Dad saves the day, again

     May parents swung by while on their home from vacation, and my Dad saved my family from potential bodily harm.  My Dad the understated hero has already helped me out with home improvements and stalled cars.  This time, he single handedly prevented my front porch from collapsing under my weight and possibly killing us all. 

     The problem was that not everyone is a hero.  One of the previous owners of my house-o-ills had improperly installed a deck.  Apparently he or she could not be bothered with little details like actually attaching the deck to the house.  Over the years the deck had pulled dangerously far from house and only barely resting on its hangars.  I tried to push it back in place but my jelly-fish-like musculature was no match for hundreds of pounds of rotting wood.  Woe was me.

     After my initial failure to repair the deck, my wife suggested that I not try to do it alone or I my hurt myself.  Sure, I've hurt myself in the past, but it was nothing that required an emergency room visit.  Nevertheless, when my parents rolled into town, she asked my Dad to give me a hand.  My Dad

decided to just do the entire project himself.  Armed with a jack and an innate knowledge of leverage, he pushed the deck back into place.  A few nails later, everything was as it should be.  He even shored up an improperly built railing.  I did my part and re-mounted a latch which reminds me of my quick tip of the day for preventing wood from splitting.  Too bad he could only stay for a day because there is plenty of other crap wrong with my house.
Huzaa for my Dad, again.

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