Rants – Breaking News

Big news today, there was an earthquake in Hawaii.  I was working at my office, which should indicate I have no religious aversion to working on Sundays, when the quake headline appeared on my personalized Google homepage.  Rabid to know more at the very onset of this disaster, I fired up my web browser.  The following are contemporaneous headlines describing the same event:

The consensus seems to be that this earthquake is at least "strong" and maybe even "powerful".  There also seems to be agreement that this quake "rattled" Hawaii.  Some sources consider the quake to be a premeditated "hit" or "strike" on the Pacific islands.  There remains some room for debate on the strength of the earthquake, but it is clearly not near the very powerful 10.5 magnitude that shook, rattled, and rocked the continential United States in a rivetting movie that struck my TV earlier this year.

Apparently some power is out, a road has been covered by a mudslide, and news organizations are bad at getting information. And yes, this is a media eating media kind of post. 




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