Personal Stories – Mom saves my marraige

That title may be a bit of an exaggeration, but my Mom did help my wife and I to get a little time in alone.  This blog is already a memorial to my Dad's track record of helping me out, but my Mom is just as helpful in a different way.  All Mom has to do was sit around my house at the right time.  Specifically, she has to sit around my house after my little baby boy does to sleep and before he has his late night nursing. 

I must say that my wife and i love our baby.  He is totally the best and cutest we can imagine a baby to be.  But after about 7:00 pm he is asleep and generally sleeps like a baby for about 11 hours.  Someone has to watch little man, so my wife and I or I are trapped in our own homes like Martha Stewart until he wakens again.  Babysitters to parents are thus like Governors granting furloughs.  At no time in the last 9 months had both of us been out at night together.  Last week, My Mom sat for us three heavanly times.

The first night out was on a weekday night, our anniversary to be specific.  We had a romantic dinner at a not-so-local restaurant, Bravo! Cucina Italiano(tm).  Bravo! is not our favorite place, and in fact we had never been there before.  We thought it might be nice and romantic with the whole Italian theme and all posted on the sign.  Diners beware, Bravo! is not actually romantic; the restaurant was one huge loud open room with fake ruins and the word "Bravo!" printed on the dinner plates.  The food, however, was excellent, and we stuffed ourselves silly.  Besides, our romance is not dependant upon themed restaurants, it is a fire that burns in our hearts at many millions of British thermal units in addition to many non-british thermal units.  After dinner, we did what every parent with time away from their children would do, we bought baby food at a local grocery store.  It was intoxicating!

By the way, we noticed several folks sitting at the bar at Bravo!.  How does one chose which chain restaraunt's bar they will sit at?  What makes the bar at Bravo! better than the one at Applebee's, Chile's, or The Cheesecake Factory?  Much like a Bob Dylan song, how many chain restaruant bars does one sit at before they realize how sad it is to sit at the bar of a chain restaraunt?  I'm so glad that I am married and do not need to make those kinds of decisions.

The next two babysitting nights were Friday and Saturday.  These were back to back nights and by Saturday the novelty was wearing off.  We still stuffed ourselves silly with food both nights, but by the end it was becoming somewhat of a chore.  Friday was an especially special night because we hung out with some friends while not quite watching "The Princess Bride" on DVD. Extra special was watching this movie on HDTV.  Thank goodness for bachelor friends with expendible income and no qualms about children watching too much TV.  Too bad he refuses to buy a Playstation 3.  After many hours of this fun, we returned home to find my Mom rocking little guy back to sleep for us.

In the responsible world of parenting, wasting a whole night chatting through a near twenty year old movie is almost heretical decadence.  We made up for our sins on Saturday, when after eating and shopping we cleaned up our garage and basement.  Mmmm, basementy garage dust (a mix of concrete, drywall, lumber, solvents, and dryer lint) never smelled so sweet.  

Huzaa to Mom!

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