Unpaid Advertising – Wolfgang Puck Soups

    I never used to care what brand I was buying.  When I was just a poor student I stood by a single shopping mantra, buy whatever is cheapest.  That usually meant the store brand.  Sometimes it meant the scratch and dent foods or those flavors that did not fair well in product testing.  The point was, I was just eating to stay alive and quality did not matter.

    Then I finally hooked myself up with a job and some money.  By the way, having money is nice.  I immediately put my newfound wealth into raising my quality of life, and that meant eating better foods.  No more store brand bread for me, it was time for bakery fresh bread.  Goodbye assorted lunch meat packages, hello deli fresh cuts.  Then after I married, my wife and I made the ultimate commitment to quality food at the highest cost: organic.

    Going organic, I kept my mantra, buy whatever is cheapest.  But now I buy the cheapest organic foods.  So it was goodbye $0.99 store brand cheese curls and hello $3.00 per bag organic pita chips.  And for soup it meant no more store brand chicken noodle at 2/$1.00 but instead organic branded soups at around $2.50 per can.  I have not become so acclimated by these higher prices that I easily stomach $2.50 for a can of soup.  I just buy it and try not to think about it.  But then a new player entered the market, Wolfgang Puck.

    When Wolfgang Puck soups entered the store, he did so at sale prices.  So for less than the cost per ounce of our regular soup, my wife and I decided to give Wolfgang a try.  He does endorse every single can. 

    Wolfgang's soup was the best thing I have tasted out of a can in my entire life.  This soup tastes gorgeous.  Each drop is succulent like some kind of magic soup nectar.  The corn chowder in particular has a flavorful and almost creamy broth with succulent portions of corn and potato.  The seasonings alone are delectable.   When my wife isn't looking, I lick the bowl clean savoring every drop.  In fact, I lick the bowl clean even when she is looking. 

    Now I find myself branded.  The introductory offer may have ended but my lust for this soup lives on.  Despite all of my training to restrain from selecting products based on quality and not quantity and in violation of my mantra of buying whatever is cheapest, I buy this soup at full price.  I have been branded and believe you me, the brand tastes good.

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