Personal Stories – Expanding My Neighborhood

I have again been added to a Vox member's neighborhood.  Vox hosts this blog and allows members to become neighbors to each other, see the neighbor menu on the left.  Last month Vox user Zad added me to her neighborhood.  However, because Zad's neighborhood is not an exclusive club, I did not reciprocate. 

This month, Vox user Chaeign added me to her neighborhood.  Chaeign's neighborhood is much more exclusive, and I reciprocated.  Now I have expanded my neighborhood by 25%!  Hello neighbor Chaeign.

The cool thing about a neighbor is that when they post something, it shows up on my neighbor menu.  That is how I found Chaeign's picture of how she would appear on South Park.  She links visitors to a wicked cool South Park Character Design Studio.  I designed my South Park character as a reflection of the real me and what I would be like if I really lived in the fictional white bred redneck town of South Park.  Thanks for the link Chaeign!

My new neighbor's blog is a good complements to my blog.  While I post untimely reviews of movies, Chaeign posts about books.  In an ironic twist, Chaeign has seen the movie "V for Vendetta" twice, whereas I have only read the graphic novel.  Chaeign's passions are not limited to writing and dark british distopian dramas.  Chaeign is also a great carver of jack-o-lanterns.   Chaeign's blog isn't all fun and games either, it includes some important life lessons.  You will certianly find things on Chaeign's blog that you will not find here.  So is the power of the expanded neighborhood.

Huzaa to Chaeign ("Kay-ehn")!


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One thought on “Personal Stories – Expanding My Neighborhood

  1. chaeign November 15, 2006 at 7:06 am Reply

    Hullo! I must admit that the Wolfgang Puck endorsement caught my eye originally, and then the headline comparison entry–well, that's something I do regularly, compare how different media announce the same story. (It's also interesting to see how they edit the same wire story to give it a different slant, but that's another tangent.) After I read about your drywall and your teeth, with illustrations, I was totally hooked, and had to add you, so I'm glad you're okay with it. I never know if I should send a note; it's almost creepy–"Hey, I peeked at your life, and I like this and this"–then again, these are the things you put in your shop window, so to speak. So, it's nice to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.

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