Personal Stories – My signs change the world

Remember that big election last week when the Democratic party broke the Republican hold on the United States government?  Well, I did my small part to useat the effete bureaucracy that bungled a war and mispent our tax dollars.  I put up signs. 


Putting up a few signs might not sound like much, but look at the results.  All three of these candidates won. 

That guy with the blue sign, Leonard Boswell, was running against a serious money machine to retain his seat in the United States House of Representative.  My land-line was deluged with prerecorded messages about how bad a guy Boswell, or the "Boz" as I never say, allegedly was.  I also received many, many mailings from the Economic Freedom Fund.  Hours upon hours of negative television ads,, were even unleashed.  They were a tainted blur as I fast forwarded through them on my DVR.  Yet, for all the millions spent to unseat Boswell,  those efforts were no match for my incredibly persuasive signs. 

Credit also goes to my wife.  She originally collected the signs and then helped me design the three tiered placement.  She also endured many a phone call while I was at work.

I didn't just rely on my yard signs.  Of course, I also had a window stickie on my car.  Apparently the majority here in Boz country have had enough.  It sure is nice to be in the majority.  Maybe that can be the tag line of my next window sticky, "Be in the majority for a change!  Vote Democrat in '08".

The question after the election became how long do I leave up these powerful signs?  If I leave them up too long I would be gloating.  But if I took them down too soon it would look like I was embarrassed to have them up in the first place.  I decided that one week was sufficient to show my continued support of the Boz and his friends without rubbing the victory in the faces of the minority who voted against them. 

I am keeping all the signs for the next election; waste not want not.  The window sticky might come in handy in the race of 2106.  Hopefully, the Democrats will fund research that will allow me to live that long.  Otherwise I will have to hope that my grandchildren (or great grandchildren) vote Democrat. 

By the way, I have a tip for the Economic Freedom Fund (who I like to call EFF), if you EFFers stop spending your EFFing money on those EFFing fliers, you will have more EFFing money for your own EFFing economic freedom.  After receiving the dozenth or so flier, I e-mailed the EFFing group and let them know how much I appreciated their calcifying my support of the Boz.  I'm just that kind of rebel.

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