Personal Stories – My Wonderful Wife

My wife is just plain awesome. When we first met, I thought she was pure magic. And I still do.

I believe that my wife is the most important person to our baby. We use cloth diapers for baby's benefit, and that laundry piles up fast.  Did I mention that dirty diapers stink.  I don't mean normal stink either. The putrid stench is like an amalgam of different and very pungent smells. Add to that three daily feedings of solids and about twenty daily nursings.  The straight and simple truth is that without my wife, our son's existence would be in dire jeopardy. 

Heck, without my wife, my existence would be in dire jeopardy. Before we met, my standard of living was somewhere between a youth hostel and a rustic campground. Now the bathroom gets cleaned more than once a year and no dishes are thrown out

due to mold growth. My sweet wife even does our laundry. When I say our laundry I really mean my laundry. I throw my clothes in the hamper and my wife piles clean clothes on top. I told you she was magical.  If that weren't enough (and believe me that laundry alone is plenty enough), she cooks. I actually love cooking and would love to cook every meal.  Finding the time to cook, especially after a long work day, can be impossible. My sweetie is always picking up the slack. My wife's soup, by the way, tastes even better than a certain Mr. Puck's canned goodness. Did I mention that she buys most of the groceries?  She even buys me food that she hates, like strawberry flavored milk and barbecued potato chips.

My wife does more than make our house a home, she renovates it. She even hauled lumber while pregnant for goodness sakes.  In fact, she just spent all afternoon picking up loose debris in our yard, while carrying the baby in a sling. She is does spectacular work finishing walls, i.e. finishing my work on the walls. Her excellence ends not at grunt work. She has planned an entire kitchen redo right down to hiring a plumber to install the sink. 

Wall progressAdding wall texture

These are just little things, the things that are easy to enter into a blog.  My wife is really so much more. She is like driving down a road with all green lights. She is sunshine in the shape of a woman. She smells nice.  Her sad face can break hearts. Her passion can power a large city. I love my wife to the power of infinity. 

Huzaa to my wife!

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One thought on “Personal Stories – My Wonderful Wife

  1. Adrienne's Mommy November 29, 2006 at 8:37 pm Reply

    You're so sweet. 🙂

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