Personal Stories – fleshing out the kitchen

At the beginning of October of last year, a friend and I destroyed my kitchen.  My wife was safely away as we swung our hammers and chopped up the cabinetry into removable pieces.  After about six hour or so, there was nothing left but bare walls and some pipes.  My wife and I, with the help of family and friends, were able to install all new cabinetry, a counter top, new outlets, and a sink by Christmas. 

Destroying the Old KitchenThis was once a crappy kitchenInstalling Cabinets

Then we had a baby.

It is hard to renovate a house with a baby.  Babies are absolutely no help when it comes to any type of construction.  Someone needs to hold the baby almost all the time and apparently that person should not be holding power tools at the time.  It is bad enough that babies don't contribute but they actually takes a good working person off the job.  Worst of all loud noises like hammering wake up babies.  So, when the baby is asleep, no one can work.  That is why after many, many months, our kitchen has remained usable but unfinished.

My parents helped bring our kitchen a little bit closer to finished this last week.  They are already Godsends with their watching the baby for us, giving us rides, and general construction help.  But they keep on helping.  With my Mom's help, my Dad installed a door to our basement and a new light above the sink.  Doors are much swankier than gaping holes.  The light is also a huge upgrade from the $5 glue on fixture we were using temporarily for the last two years.  As an added bonus, the new light fixture is a wall switch.  Fancy. 

The light is from Ikea, home of all things modern and Nordic.  The door is from Menards, home of all things off-brand.   Now all we need is a door knob and some trim.  That should only take another year, unless my wife and I have another baby 😉

Huzaa again to Mom and Dad, and huzaa to doors!

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