Happy Holidays

This is my favorite time of year. So there may not always be snow but these few days after the Winter Solstice are always magical. I share with you my family's holiday card:

Lovingly designed by my wonderful wife, you can see our little elf as he nears his first birthday. He has already torn through one of his presents and one of ours. Pretty much all day today was spent watching little guy as he laughed for us, his grandparents, and his uncle. A good friend said to me "Christmas is for children" but maybe it is best said "Christmas is for parents of small children." My wife and I look forward to telling him about Santa Claus and watching his excitement on Christmas morning. Until then we will settle for his hysterical laughter as we say "oo, oo, oo!" like a happy chimp.

The holidays, though, are wonderful even without children. Spread the cheer. Say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet. Be glad that the days are getting longer.

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