Personal Stories – My broken digital camera

Digital cameras are great. Broken digital cameras are not. My beloved Canon Powershot S400 is in the latter category, again. It has been barely a month since I received it via Fed-Ex from Canon to repair a latent defect. Now it apparently has another latent defect.

I applaud Canon for its recognition of the defects in its cameras. Canon has issued not one, but now two recalls for its cameras. It is now the Ford Focus of digital cameras. The latest recall involves the CCD chip, the part of the camera that actually takes the picture. Apparently the chip itself is fine, but the soldering to it is faulty. This defect is evident by my completely black pictures. Believe you me, you have never seen such complete blackness in any picture that you have ever taken on any other camera.

In case you have the same issue, the recall information for the CCD chip can be found on Canon's website. At least now I know the procedure for setting up the free repair. Although now I wonder why Canon didn't just fix this problem when they had my camera last time?

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