Missed the Boat – mp3 players

It turns out that I love old technology. For instance, right now I am enjoying the ten year old technology of mp3s players. Not to gloat, but my wife gave me an engraved I-pod Shuffle for Christmas. Okay, I'm gloating now. It holds a gigabyte of data, which in terms of music equals about 240 songs (assuming an average of 4 minutes per song). That is enough room to hold all of the Jayhawks. It is pretty darn sweet.

The I-Pod Shuffle is wearableThe I-Pod Shuffle has bite

The music player is so small that I feel like I'm on Star Trek. I used to lug around a tape player and then a CD player. The Shuffle is smaller than their belt clips. Did I mention how sweet this is?

So why have I shunned this great technology for such a long time? Frugalness? Maybe, but I've had an income for a few years now. Perhaps I am truly afraid of technology. Or maybe I'm just not very trendy. Thank goodness my wife is.

Huzaa to my wife and Huzaa to the I-pod!

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