Untimely Reviews – Shopgirl

Some movies are simple character studies where nothing much happens. My wife calls these movies "all talk and no rock" movies. You can also call these movies boring. Except, many of these "all talk and no rock" movies are exquisitely interesting. "Shopgirl" falls into the latter category. So, I admit it. there are "all talk and no rock" movies that I like. Believe me, that is a big step toward enlightenment from a guy who once considered "Robocop" to be his favorite movie.

The story of how much I like "Shopgirl" despite myself runs even deeper. My wife has listened to the audio book version of "Shopgirl". (The visual book version was written by Steve Martin and he reads the audio book). I have never heard or read the book, but I do remember my wife telling me that it was odd to hear Steve Martin, a comedian, read lurid descriptions of sex. I also knew that the book/audio book/movie is about an old guy who dates a young woman. There are therefore four things I therefore despised about "Shopgirl": (1) it was a book first; (2) my wife knew the whole story and I didn't; (3) it has sex scenes with Steve Martin; and (4) it is about an old guy dating a young woman.

My wife really wanted to see "Shopgirl" in a timely manner, but with all the pre-baby planning we never got around to it. Then we had the opportunity to watch it during preview weekend for the Showtime movie channel. With my lackluster attitude toward watching it, the movie instead sat on our DVR.  After a few months, I gave in. I figured that cuddling to watch "Shopgirl" would be better than no cuddling at all.

I was wrong, cuddling to watch "Shopgirl" is way, way, better than no cuddling at all. "Shopgirl" is not a romantic comedy or even that romantic. It is "dark" as my wife would say; I would say it is "faux uplifting". The movie has a lot of talk, but it also has a little rock or at least a measurable amount of rock. The score and visuals are awe inspiring.  This is not a movie where the actors re-read dialogue from a book, or play. This movie a cinematic spectacle. I recommend easing into this movie with the confidence that you will be entertained for 104 minutes. 

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