Unpaid Advertising – the heartache of new shoes

30 Helens say you can't pay too much for a comfortable pair of shoes. I mostly agree. I think $165 is not too much, and I'm used to getting free shoes from my dentist.

Almost seven years ago I plunked down $165 for a pair of dressy shoes in anticipation of a formal law school event. Except for Nike Air, I knew nothing about shoes or shoe manufactures. But I do know what feels comfortable. And the square toe and shock absorbing sole of the ecco fit me just fine. Unbelievably, my fancy looking eccos were often more comfortable than my air cushioned Nikes.

My eccos have paid a heavy price for my comfort. The soles are worn through, the lining is pealing away, and the finish is scuffed up. I've tried polishing them and injecting the soles with epoxy, but these shoes have had it. It was time to buy new shoes. Actually, it was time to buy new shoes months ago. Finding just the right shoes is very, very hard.

I don't know why I don't just buy two pairs of the shoes I like. That way, when one wore out, I would have another pair to replace it. No shopping necessary. Oh yeah, I know why I don't do this: it costs twice as much. It still seems like a good idea in theory. Too bad I can't just get more freebies from my dentist.

In the last few months I have been to every shoe store within 50 miles and every shoe website. Life would be easier if shoe companies just stuck to one style. But, I suppose after six years or so I can't expect my style to still exist. And the shoe technology of today must be far superior to the clunky old technology of 2000. For example, I could have used another layer in the sole to keep water (and later snow) from leaking onto my socks while I searched for new shoes.

On my last shopping trip I was in the shoe buying zone, figuratively and literally (I was in the shoe department). I ran into another shoe shopper who loved Borns. I think he may have loved Borns as much as I love eccos. Had I not been so focused on getting new eccos, his infectious enthusiasm for Borns may have led me to buy a pair. We talked about the theoretical advantage of buying two pairs of shoes. Then we both noticed that when you are just browsing for shoes, the shoe salesman are all over you like flies on something disgusting but when you are ready to buy a show, the salesman are nowhere to be found. Finding this brethren in arms really boosted my shoe buying resolve.

Time was running out, i.e., the stores were closing. Fortunately, I had found my shoe, the ecco Arlanda tie. Thee are a reasonable facsimile to my old show only lighter and cushier due to the advances in shoe technology. The shoes cost $165, the same amount as my last pair. Considering inflation, that price is pretty good. Nevertheless, before I bought the shoe, I had to do the right thing. I called my wife. She gave me the thumbs up, figuratively speaking as I couldn't see her thumbs over the phone.

Triumphantly, I have new shoes. Thank goodness that's over. May I never need new to buy new shoes again.

Check out these bad boys. Wow, new shoes are really shiny and stiff. I sort of miss those lumpy wrinkles on my old shoes. I could even take them off and on without untying them. Oh well, I have six years to break in the new guys.

So huzaa to ecco!

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