Untimely Reviews – Wedding Crashers

When I was a younger man, most of the people I knew were unmarried. Many wedding later, most of the people I knew were married. Each wedding is like a snowflake, unique but really a lot like all other snowflakes. There is a ceremony, shuffling of people, waiting for the food, the dancing (of some but not most), and then going home with some bubble and an almond.

Not only are the weddings similar, so are the categories of guests: the family, the married friends, the single friends with or without their dates. Hence, a hobby of crashing weddings seems entirely plausible. Heck, crashing weddings seems almost socially responsible. For every large wedding an RSVP'd guest doesn't show. $200 a plate wasted. Weddings also have big lulls and sitting at a table full of strangers is never fun. So I have no problem whatsoever with the premise of two guys crashing weddings, hamming it up with the wedding party, eating free food, and dancing with single women. Plus, the bride and groom have even more people to share their event with. Seriously, the food would have been wasted anyway.
"Wedding Crashers", the movie, is funny. There are two humorous montages of wedding crashing and various other gags. But there is also a entire story about a wedding crasher evolving into something more, a guy who wants to get married. That part of the movie is sort of lame, like the shuffling of the wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception. Wedding guests, such as me, put up with the lulls because they care about the betrothed. And despite the accidental kicks to peoples' shins, I personally love the dancing. My wife and I put up with the lulls in "Wedding Crashers" because we wanted to see more of Will Ferrel and, of course, we were cuddling at the time anyway. Being married is great.

Huzaa to marriage!

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