Personal Stories – Baby proofing

Before my wife and I had our little guy over 13 months ago, other parents told us to do all of the baby proofing before he arrived. Why? Because we would have no time afterwards. Well, we were too busy remodeling a kitchen to do any baby proofing. Now we have no time and little guy is in constant danger from our house. Worse, our house is in constant danger from little guy.

To keep little guy from potentially hurting himself with the contents of a kitchen drawer (and to protect the contents of the drawer from being thrown to the floor) I have started to install drawer locks. We needed an assortment of drawer locks to accommodate the various shapes and sizes of drawers. (Trying saying that five times as an upstate New Yorker!). Fortunately, drawer locks are sold for a few bucks a dozen, so accommodating every type of drawer is no biggie.

The locks sure seem simple enough: just screw the hook thingy on the cabinet and then line up the other hook thingy on the drawer. These locks came with little sticky tabs so I could stick them on the drawer before pre-drilling the holes for the screws.

I tested a lock on one of our drawers for a week to be sure that little man could not defeat it. Try as he did, he could not open the drawer. Successful, I moved on to the rest of the drawers. On the third drawer, disaster struck; the hook thingy split the wood on the cabinet. 

Maple is a hard and expensive wood, but apparently not hard and expensive enough. The hook thingy came out with a piece of the cabinet. To fix the cabinet, I shoved some toothpicks and wood glue into the screw holes and then rubbed wood glue all over for good measure. I clamped the wood overnight. Huzaa to my wife for buying me clamps last Christmas.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the drawer lock back on. The drawer in question is our utensil drawer and I do not fancy the baby grabbing knives out of it. He could, for instance, scratch our cork floor. Maybe I can Gorilla Glue the hook thingy onto the cabinet. I tend to use Gorilla Glue for almost everything, even if something does not need to be glued. It drives my wife crazy.

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