Rants – Maybe computers aren’t so bad

Last week I ranted about how I think computers are not progressing much and are mainly limited to noisy self-obsolescing boxes. I was pretty negative but my antipathy for technology was due to my own aged noisy self-obsolescing box, the Dell beast. After trying to install newer on its older operating system, it went kaput. This is normal for the Dell best. Abnormal was my inability to fix it. My keyboard had died long ago and I was using the USB keyboard from my wife's old Power Macintosh and USB is apparently not supported without Windows. I had to borrow a keyboard from my office and then re-load the old drivers and software. All this just to play Doom, which thankfully did work because blasting zombies was just cathartic enough to keep me from smashing the Dell beast à la Office Space.

After some time to cool off, I think it is pretty cool that after 6 years my Dell beast is still usable. In fact, when I bought the beast I thought that computer technology had hit an important turning point: computers were more than powerful enough to meet most people's needs. For word processing, editing photos, surfing the net, watching DVDs, and other mundane tasks, computers were plenty powerful. To this day the beast can comfortably accomplish most any task I need. The only problem I run up against is when newer software is necessary, such as for instance, running I-Tunes or games. But I re-affirm my prediction from 6 years ago, any of those 6 year old computers is plenty powerful for everyday tasks.

Computers are not only more satisfactory than ever, they are also cheaper than ever. A system capable of handling day-to-day tasks can be had for a few hundred dollars. Things such as monitors and printers are also cheap. Considering inflation, computers are affordable enough for anybody. Computers are also getting smaller. My PDA fits in my pocket and is great for catching up on work e-mail at home. The best part is that computers keep getting cheaper, smaller, and more accessible. Some computers are even very good looking.

So despite my prior computer gloom, Huzaa to computers!


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