Is it too early to pick a candidate?

You know you have a bad U.S. President when candidates start appearing two years before the next election. It is not like talking about candidates now will get us a new President anytime sooner, but it nice to know what are options are. It is sort of like when you have a crappy car (or computer or camera or house) and start looking for something new even though you aren't ready to buy. Maybe the moral of the story is to buy better products (and elect better presidents) the first time around. Nevertheless, political campaigns have begun, in my back yard no less.

I am an Iowan. This geographic descriptor means the following:

  • I like corn
  • I can withstand horrific weather
  • I have virtually unfettered access to every candidate for President, whether I like it or not

Before the last Presidential election in 2004, Iowa was drenched with candidates for president. I even had the opportunity to ride on the same airplane as Carol Mosley Braun after she bowed out of the race. (Coincidentally, Stephen Colbert was also on that plane, but that was back when I though he just that jerk on the Daily Show and not the superstar talent I know him to be now). It was both an exciting and annoying time to be an Iowan.

I went one step further in 2004; I volunteered with a campaign. Not just any campaign, the Howard Dean campaign. Thanks to extensive media coverage, we all know how that turned out. Burned by that experience, I have had little motivation to get involved again.

Though there is a huge number of decent candidates who are now running for president, I am still hesitant to get involved. Any candidate could be sunk over a misplaced word, surly veterans, or You Tube. Worse, what if a great looking candidate turns out to be a mere puppet full of rhetoric, bereft of leadership, and incapable of rational thought. This electing a President thing is pretty serious business. Who knows, maybe someone will dazzle me.

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