Personal Stories – Sledding and Brushes with Death

This weekend was fully of freaky weather. On Saturday it turned from rain to sleet to snow. For hours we could hear the little ice pellets bombarding our house. The scary part is the ice buildup on the trees and power lines. The snow stuck to the ice and frosted everything with a heavy wet and icy layer of potential doom. It sure does look pretty.

My wife and I took our little guy out for his third ever time sledding. The first time he went sledding, he was just as giddy as he could be, which is pretty giddy. The second time out he was a little less giddy. This time he started whining. Maybe I walked too fast?

Then I hopped in the sled with him and we slid down the front yard. He stopped whining but he wasn't quite overjoyed: just the regular amount of joy.

A few branches had fallen under the weight of the snow and we could hear branches cracking all afternoon. For fear of falling branches We generally stayed outside of the drip line.

Little did we know a huge tree branch was about to pummel us. Later we saw it right by our tracks. We were in the wrong place but fortunately not at the wrong time. I'm no dummy, a branch that size could kill a person and that goes double for babies. I count us lucky.

Boo to the branch of Damocles.

Huzaa to my wife for taking these pictures.

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