Personal Stories – Permanent Replacement Tooth

The saga of my bad tooth has come to an end. With little fanfare my wonderful dentist has glued on my fabulous new tooth. No more dentures. No more temporary teeth. No more color matching (three times, in fact). I finally feel whole again.

All in all, losing a tooth is a pretty sucky experience. I maxed out my dental insurance last year and for all the money it cost for the implant, I could have bought a trip to Europe or a sweet flat panel TV. I also did not appreciate the many months of slurred speech and removing my denture while I ate. The moral of the story is this: take care of the teeth you have. You can get more, but it ain't fun.

Peace out.  

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One thought on “Personal Stories – Permanent Replacement Tooth

  1. Ms Genevieve March 11, 2007 at 10:35 am Reply

    You're Right! I Know you're Right! I gotta get to a dentist…and stop being a punk about it.

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