Personal Stories – baby has glasses

I hate glasses. When I was in junior high my vision started turning nearsighted. At first I wore glasses begrudgingly. I refused to wear them outside of the house. Then I refused to wear them at school. Eventually I had to admit that I needed them. If you think that glasses are something that I would get used to, you would be wrong. I have hated wearing glasses every day for the last 20 years.

Hence, it was sad to see my little boy saddled with the burden of spectacles. Although, I have to admit he does look cuter, smarter, and generally more precocious when wearing glasses. Plus, I note that glasses are in vogue ever since that Harry Potter character became popular. Perhaps glasses are so cool that my little man will forgo taunting from the 20/20 crowd. I can only hope.

Surely technology will advance to the point where little man will no longer need glasses. I am already eager to explore laser eye surgery for infants. As for me, I'll stick with glasses for a while. Indeed, I could get lasered up myself, but then little man might feel left out in his ocular challenge. Oculus vas solidarity!

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