Personal Stories – Sidegrading my computer

My personal computer, a.k.a. the Dell Beast, went kerput for the last time. Like the manufacturer, Dell, and the software provider, Microsoft, I have stopped supporting it. My brother had graciously offered to send me his old (but still new to me) laptop. He had recently built himself an enviable new computer and quickly e-mailed me the specifications in order to elicit jealously. It totally worked. The problem with my brother's offer to send me his laptop is that it was made a month ago. In the meantime, I needed some computer a little less personal than just my PDA. My wife came to the rescue.

Seven years ago, before I had bought the Dell Beast or met my wife, she bought a brand spankin' new Power Mac (technically a Power Mac G4/450DP). And now it is mine (to use with her permission under certain restrictions). Basically, I have upgraded to an older computer. To be fair to the Power Mac, it is a "nicer" computer. It has way more things on it than the Dell Beast. I'm so stoked to be able to play DVDs. Plus, the Power Mac comes in an eye pleasing case. Look how shiny it is!

But the nearly 7 year old Power Mac is not exactly better for my purposes. It is loud. It may even be louder than the Dell Beast. The Power Mac also grinds through web pages. (The hard drive literally makes a grinding noise.) My whole life is now web pages, and the Dell Beast was probably a little quicker in loading up Engadget. In fact, the Power Mac is somewhat of a beast of its own, a "Mac Beast" perhaps?

Interesting trivia on the Mac Beast, er . . . Power Mac, it introduced dual processors with an incredible 1mb level 2 cache for each processor. My wife must have seen a huge boost in performance when running Photoshop. Apple also apparently pioneered firewire. Also flabbergasted was I to find out that the Apple OS X has been pretty awesome for many years now. It certainly beats the tar out of the old Windows Millenium Edition that I was using.

So it may not be cutting edge anymore, but the Mac Beast works great (no more blue screens). Huzaa to my wife!

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