Personal Stories – Selling the Dell Beast on Craigslist

The Dell Beast is gone. My nearly obsolete noise maker has been sold on the open market. Last Saturday I posted an add for the Beast on Craigslist. The ad stated as follows:

Pentium 4 computer with 256mb Ram – $100
This is a Dell Dimension 8100 tower computer. It has a 1.4Ghz Pentium 4 processor, 256mb of 800mhz Rdram and a 2 year old 80Gb hard drive. It includes an ethernet port, 4 USB ports, an internal modem, and surround sound. The tower has the original CD drive in addition to a third party CDRW drive. The video card is an AGP card with 32mb of on board Ram. The hard drive has been wiped, but I will include the system CD (with Windows ME), the driver CDs, and Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition."

Six years ago, I paid $1300 for that same machine. Depreciation bites! I thought it was a pretty good deal, but I received only low offers. Someone went as low as $30 because some research showed that the Beast was an old computer. No duh.

Ragging on my Beast's age is bad enough, but this response to my ad creeped me out a little:

"Hello,thank you for the prompt response to my enquiry am very much
satisfied with the condition and price of the item and i would like to
make an outright purchase immediately so i will advice that you
withdraw the advert from the web.Pls i will like to now how you
intend to procedure on this  okay but i would prefer that i issue a
certified check  in us dollars to you  after which my shipper will be
coming over for the pick up
once you have gotten that.I read through
the advert and am okay with it so please i will like you to provide
the following info so that i can ask my secretary to issue the payment
1…..Full name to write on the check
2…..Full Physical address to post the check to
3…..Home & Cell Phone to contact you
kindly get back to me asap. regards"

I had offered the guy the Beast for $80 in cash only. The part that bothered me most was the "shipper will be coming over". Why the heck would you send someone else to pick up an $80 computer? There was no way I was taking that dude's check.

For some reason, Friday was the day that elicited the highest number of responses. This surprised me because my ad was almost a week old. My wife had a great explanation, nobody does any work on Friday. Apparently people spend all day looking up classified ads and effectively stealing time from their employers.

After all my hard work in answering ads, the Dell Beast sold for $75. Some guy gets a great deal on perfectly usable, although frustratingly antiquated, computer. Since I am still using my wife's old Mac Beast, I know how he feels.

Huzaa to Craigslist.

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