Personal Stories – Dell Beast Jr.

My big bro' came through for me once again. His sent me his old Dell Inspiron 8600 after I gave up on my Dell Beast and sold it to for cheap. Meanwhile, I have been using my wife's old Mac Beast.

Although a laptop (or notebook if you prefer), my brother's Dell is every bit a beast, a Dell Beast Jr. in fact. According to my brother, he bought the Dell Beast Jr. as a desktop replacement. Not  to replace his desktop pc, but to replace his entire desk.

Precious little internet research reveals that Jr. was once a top of the line laptop. Jr. is a little bit below spec, but it is certainly powerful enough to handle everyday computing and play a few outdated games. If only it were prettier, it could come close to my dream computer. I have only one complaint: the display resolution is too high, making the text about as small as that of a credit card agreement. Dell should have sold 2x reading glasses with this beast.

I will miss the Mac OS X from my wife's old Mac Beast. Fortunately, Jr. at least has Windows XP, far superior to Windows ME, but that isn't saying much. I feel like I am living in the future of 3 years ago.

The real fun of now owning a laptop is going mobile. Having been a desktop owner for a decade and a half, I have yet to know the joys of working from Panera. I might even learn to like the touchpad.

Huzaa to my brother!

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2 thoughts on “Personal Stories – Dell Beast Jr.

  1. artdavis April 17, 2007 at 7:40 am Reply

    Control Panel -> Display -> Appearance -> Font Size -> Extra Large Fonts?????–Art

  2. bioadam April 17, 2007 at 1:58 pm Reply

    I have since increased the font size, icon size, menu text size, submenu text size, and the default web page font size through the "accessibility" option. That`s right, when using the Dell Beast Jr. I am considered disabled. Thank you for that, Dell 😛

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