Untimely Reviews – Serenity

Remember the summer of 2005? That is when I first saw previews for the movie "Serenity". Concomitantly, the Sci-Fi channel started advertising a similar looking show, called "Firefly". Having never heard of this show, I was intrigued that it had become a movie before it ever aired.

Precious little internet research revealed that "Firefly" the show had been an unpopular and prematurely canceled series on the Fox television network. Undaunted, cultlike fans, who call themselves "Brown Coats" convinced a movie studio to release a movie based on the show. Both the movie and the show were written and directed by cultlike hero Josh Whedon. He was the man behind "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and some other less famous stuff.

Back to the summer of 2005, I TIVOed and watched the entire "Firefly" series, all 9 or so hours of it. The show is alright, but it is no Start Trek the Next Generation.  The whole theme of the show is cowboys in space who commit crimes but are really good guys. Shrug.

Now return to 2007, and I finally get around to watching the movie, "Serenity". The movie is a fan's dream. One of the of the story lines is completed, big things happen, and the effects are cinematic. My wife, who did not watch all 9 hours of "Firefly", was absolutely confused. This movie complements the series well, and because of that, the series is almost required watching to fully enjoy the movie.

As sci-fi movies go, "Serenity" is good. It's no "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn", but it is way better than the odd numbered Star Trek movies. I give it three out of five Star Treks.

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