Personal Stories – Garage sale gold

Although my wife and I feel like we are in good shape financially, we still love to save money. When we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, we spent part of the time at my brother's condo, while he was still there. In fact, I knew I had found my fiscal soul mate when we ended up at a more expensive than anticipated restaurant. I said "Jeez, $20 for lunch, these prices are crazy." My wife said, "we could leave." I said, "really?". She replied, "really!". We left and are both richer for it. Hence, following the quick tip of the day, we shy away not from garage sales.

We have been buying little man's clothes at garage sales since before he was born. The thing about baby clothes is that babies do not wear them for long, if at all. We personally have a few outfits that our little guy never wore; he just grew too big too fast. The trick is to find clothes that match size to season, i.e. someone's kid had to have been 18 months in summer, when our little guy will be 18 months, for us to find shorts and t-shirts in his size.

The picture on the left displays all the clothes priced from a quarter to a dollar that my wife picked up last Friday morning. The picture on the right is from Saturday morning. Below is a sampling of toys from one weekend. The construction vehicle can talk and move its head, but it still sells for only a couple of bucks. We have amassed a large collection of sale toys, all lovingly cleaned for cooties by my sweet wife.

We definitely appreciate everyone who buys these things new and we also buy new things now and then. There are some toys, books, and clothes that are just too tempting to pass up, and we cannot always count on a used version showing up at the next family sale.

Garage sales are not limited to baby either. Our favorite furniture pieces are refinished garage sale fodder and we are always on the lookout for quality Corningware(R). Cheapness is as cheapness does.

Huzaa to garage sales!

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