Personal Stories – Goofing off

My wife and I live in a work-in-progress. The list of projects for our home has officially become impossible to accomplish. This last weekend is a perfect example of what goes wrong.

Projects to accomplish: install quarter round, trim bathroom window, hang shelves in my wife's office. We start with the shelves, seemingly the easiest project. My Dad and I buy the materials at Lowe's and return back for the install. My Dad was tired from driving the day before, and takes a nap. My dear wife had hurt her back and she was in no shape to play contractor. My Mom watched little man. Eventually it was time for little man to go to bed and my parents left. Status of project, we screwed a piece of metal to the wall.

Day two: I really wanted to hang these shelves now. My wife's back was better, and she and my Mom helped align metal brackets. My Dad played outside with little man and showed off his "boo-taa" (blue truck). As far as little man is concerned, all taas are boo-taas. We actually succeed installing the metal wall brackets. That was the end of the weekend projects.

We aren't done with the shelves, of course. Upon installation we realized that we could add another shelf at the top. Also, the shelves need to be affixed to the metal brackets, else they could move around. But first, its time for naps.

When little man sleeps, all work stops. One of the problems with older houses is noise transference. From little guy's bedroom, all noise in the house is actually amplified. So when he sleeps, everyone must play ninja, and ninjas do not use power tools.

The picture to the left is the sum total renovation from the entire weekend. The memories of our time together and enjoying each other's company will fade, but those shelves will last forever (and so will the pictures).

Huzaa' to shelves memories.

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