Untimely Reviews – The Aristocrats

If you can see the DVD box art to the left, you can read the select snippets of reviews. Note that "the funniest movie you'll ever see!" is preceded by "might be". This type of deceptive advertising matters little in the home of untimely reviews. I saw this movie on my local TV listing, and decided to record. Having a moment to myself with the living room TV, I gave "The Aristocrats" a watch. For all I knew, the DVD box could have described excrement.

"The Aristocrats" might not be the funniest movie you'll ever see, but could be the funniest documentary about comedy you will ever see. The entire film is a study of one joke as it is told by different comedians. Then the comedians comment to death up on it. The joke is purposefuly dirty, but honestly, I've heard worse. I did laugh when Bob Saget threw out expletives, descriptions of sex, and slang for bowel movements. It was like the first time I saw the cursing children of South Park.

I recommend this movie for anyone bedazzled by the art of comedy, assuming "Punchline" isn't available.

I do not recommend this movie for when you have a bunch of friends over for movie night. For those moments, stick with "The Big Lebowski". Unless of course, it is documentary night.

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