Personal Stories – We’re with little man

Before little man was born, my wife and I were hurriedly preparing the house. We knew we were squandering our last chances to do all those things that entertained us during our younger child-free lives.

My wife, a fanatical music fan, gave up the most. she used to follow the Old97s and other bands. Since little guy's arrival she has sacrificed BobDylan, Wilco, the Old 97s, and more. My love of first run movies became a convenient liking of untimely movies. Neither of us cook like we used to. Our old lives our over.

Despite the loss of our identities, we are no less happy than we were. Sure, we were pretty bummed for about the first year, but little guy has had 18 months to influence us. Like the borg, resistance is futile. Now when wehave free time, we think of things that he will enjoy. Out of town trips to see bands are replaced by trips to the zoo. Late night Halo sessions havesuccumbed to early morning treks to art festivals. We pretty much just hang out at parks, zoos, and festivals. Sometime we drag him around town to look at replacement windows and even thenwe only go if we know little man will have fun running around the showroom opening doors.

So I don't really do cool things anymore. Perhaps I'm just a boring old dad. Yet, raising my little man is probably one of the most important things I will ever do. Everytime I am with him, I affect him and who he will become. How can that not be cool.

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