Flying with a toddler

My beautiful wife are taking our toddler to sunny and pleasant San Diego, California. We are now on the plane waiting for the connecting flight. Just this much has earned us a vacation.

To get a direct flight, we drove 3 hours to the airport. That`s 2 diaper stops and a sandwich. Little man was stoic. We parked at Thrifty airport parking and struggled to reverse engineer the car seat and its carrying case. After boarding the shuttle we realized that we still had our car key – the parking lot was valet. The bus driver took it and we have no choice but to trust him.

Our baggage includes 1 stroller, 1 car seat, 3 check bags, 3 carry on bags, and 1 toddler. Checking in, getting through security, and boarding was tougher than running a half marathon. I was mad about the car seat. We didn`t buy a ticket for little man, but my wife was vindicated when the flight wasn't full. We were able to use the carseat! My wife rawks! Huzaa for my wife! Now to wrestle a toddler as the plane is delayed waiting for transfers.

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One thought on “Flying with a toddler

  1. bookishbiker July 17, 2007 at 11:57 am Reply

    I'm always astonished by the sheer volume of stuff parents have to wrangle for flights. I hope you're staying for at least 3 years with all the stuff you had to drag along 🙂

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