Personal Stories – Vacation Pictures

The photos my family's recent vacation to the San Diego area have been uploaded, sorted, enhanced, and now posted. Because you can watch or skip it, this page is truly only one step above a slide show. Enjoy.

We reserved a mid-size SUV. The planet is great and all, but we had a lot of stuff to haul, including an 18 month old. Alamo Rental Car gave us the Dodge Durango. My wife was pissed. How dare they pawn off some giant SUV on us. It was huge. That tree in the picture is a California Redwood.

Our first touristy stop was Birch Aquarium. It was educational and fun.  In addition to fish, it had an interactive exhibit about climate change. Little man didn't really understand it. He did like rotating the crank that powers light bulbs. Spoiler alert, the compact fluorescent wins. By the way, we are all doomed.

The next day was aircraft carrier day at the USS Midway, a floating museum off Harbor Drive. I loved it and surprisingly, my wife had fun there to. Having no sense of history, little man was his usual self.


The Midway is a big ship with lots to see and do. This was little man less than 5 minutes after leaving the ship.

Our last big outing was the San Diego Zoo. The panda is definitely worth the wait. Little man refused to be quiet as instructed. He found it more fun to launch high pitched screams.

The rest of our time was spent at the beach. With the ocean breeze cooling us off. It seemed almost too cold to swim. Once little man warmed to the water, figuratively, he would stay in until he was too cold, literally.

Too bad vacations must end. Now my family is once again hot and wet with humidity, spending must of the day inside and longing for the ocean. Little man learned a new word, "bea" for "beach". We are all a little tanner. And of course we have some awesome memories.

Huzaa to vacation!

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One thought on “Personal Stories – Vacation Pictures

  1. bookishbiker July 30, 2007 at 11:21 am Reply

    My favorite is the "wiped out" picture – clearly it was the perfect vacation!

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