Personal Stories – My Brother’s Marriage

My big brother was married today. Always a stand up guy, he made a great catch. His bride, a.k.a. my new sister-in-law, is successful herself. Together, they make a fetching power couple.

There is some back story here. Way back in 2003, my wife and I first met at a new years eve party hosted at the house of a mutual friend. We married by the end of the new year. On our year anniversary of meeting, we brought my big brother and his wife-to-be to a new years eve party at the same house. Like my wife and I a year before, my brother and the love of his life had never before met. "Would lightening strike twice?" we wondered amusingly.

It seemed that the only problem with their relationship was proximity. He lives in New Mexico. She lives in Iowa. After years of a long distance phone calls, internet chats, internet video chats, and lots of airline miles, the two decided that it was time to be together till death do they part. A month later, they are now married and driving together to the "Land of Enchantment".

So huzaa to my brother and new sister-in-law!

May they be as blessed as my family.

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One thought on “Personal Stories – My Brother’s Marriage

  1. bookishbiker July 30, 2007 at 11:18 am Reply

    That's an amazing story. I'd think every single person on the planet would like to go to the NYE party at that particular house! Or maybe it's just magic for people in your family.

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