Personal Stories – going after the ants


They had invaded our house, set up camp in our yard, and were likely spreading disease to all living things. I must stop them. I spread corn meal around the nests. This first try failed and I likely enlarged the ant population with my free food. Next, I tried spraying the yard with a weak solution of a weak pesticide. The second try failed and I have perhaps poisoned my family. Then I spread a barrier of cinnamon around the house. The third try failed and the house smells like a cookie.

I am done trying to kill them. My latest means of doom is laundry soap and maple syrup. No, this isn't a laundry day/pankcake breakfast gone awry. In researching people safe ant poisons, I came across several recipes using borax. The general recipe is as follows:

  • some amount of borax
  • something sweet

Borax is supposed to be indigestible to ants and cuts up their insides. The sweet stuff attracts the ants and entices them to eat the borax. I hope it leads to a painful death for those little bastards _/

I used 20 Mule Team Borax laundry soap and organic maple syrup from Costco. Yeah, I could have used corn syrup, but I'm not going to make a trip to the store just to buy a treat for ants. I poured some borax into old baby food jars. Then I heated up some syrup and poured it over the borax. This is a saturated solution, so not all of the borax dissolved. That's o.k. because the borax laden syrup will float on top, where the ants will be.

To entice the ants into the jars but keep the bigger prey out, I hammered in some holes using a large nail. I strategically placed the jars around the house and on likely nests. After a week, we no longer saw ants in the house. The jars are also filled with dead ants, so I know they took the bait. I'm calling this a success.

Huzaa to borax!

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