Personal Stories – the death defying elm

A few years ago, my wife and I planted an elm we bought at Lowe's for $10. Mother nature must abhor a bargain. First a winter storm smashes the little elm with a big branch of doom.  Our poor elm survived that brush with death.

The summer has been no more kind than winter. As we sat inside watching the weather channel, that b*** Mother nature was dropping another tremendous branch on our elm. Just look at that monster.  I bought a new saw just to tear it apart for pickup by the city. Our little elm once again survived: what a scrappy little guy!

Sans branches dropping from our neighbor's tree o' death, our little elm is in fact flourishing. We water it now and then, when the weather is dry (and free of arboreal projectiles). Hopefully, this tree will rise above the threats from above and rain down revenge on the earth that has troubled it so.

It could be worse, though. Another tree fell down on someone's car across the street. He just drove it away and found it to be damage free. But still, I think it is a clear sign that he should consider using his garage. Mother nature is relentless in her branch dropping fury.

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