Personal Stories – little man’s first haircut

Imagine going without a haircut for 19 months? It was easy for little guy, he had never had his haircut before – today! My lovely wife took our son to a child haircut specialist. He apparently started to cry when the put the smock around his neck. He got over it, but my wife says that he never did get comfortable. Fortunately, the stylist works very fast; little man was out of the car shaped barber chair in 15 minutes.

He looks so clean cut now that we could break child labor laws and get him an office job. Gone are the "whispies" that so defined his adorable head.
My wife and are both looking forward to his natural look returning.

The important thing is that his bangs no longer fall into his eyes and the hair on the back of his head no longer gets stuck in his bib. Plus, we got a cool certificate and some hair for his scrap book. (We edited the photo of the certificate to maintain little man's privacy).

Huzaa to first haircuts!


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One thought on “Personal Stories – little man’s first haircut

  1. bookishbiker August 15, 2007 at 11:30 am Reply

    That picture is completely adorable. Poor little guy, but I love the certificate.

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