Rants – Not quite an attractive $500 PC one might hope for . . .

Praise the DIYers. Long ago, I gave up on hardware modifications to my PC. Way back in the late 1990s I added two cheap Voodoo II cards to my Pentium II computer. These cards are legendary to 3D gamers for their inexpensive but high performance in SLI mode. They were also friggin` huge and hot enough to cook meats. My computer ran so hot, I had to leave the case open. This created problems with my fuzzy cat. The solution was an additional fan with vents created by sawing the front of the case with a kitchen knife. Many less disfiguring mods followed. Eventually the whole system was an unreedemable mess and I gave it too my Dad. He quickly replaced it.

Though I will never again spend the time and money to retrofit or build a computer, I admire those that do. This home made all-in-one computer fullfills a big need in my mind: cheap computers that can also play games. Now if only it`s looks were as attractive as it`s specs. (I suppose if you didn't want exposed parts hanging off the back of your monitor, you could sell out and just buy something svelter.)

Huzaa to George Ou!

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