Personal Stories – Daddy Fix

Little man was playing with our hamper and busted one of the rods that holds up the basket. My first thought was, "Awesome, he must be really strong!" My wife thought the hamper must have been made of weak parts. Yeah right, I know my boy is going to be a star athlete someday.

What little man breaks daddy shall fix. The broken piece is a long cylinder with notches that fit into the hamper. I start by finding a similar sized dowel, a.k.a. a round piece of wood. Next, I must mill the dowel into the same shape using my crude tools. I chose to use my Craftsman table saw.

Step 1: Watch the movie about Johnny Cash. Table saws are deadly! I employed almost all of my safety gear. Fortunately my garage also includes a GFI outlet so no electric sparks will every emanate from my hands. 

Step 2: Measure twice and cut once. In this case cut many times. I turned the wood over and over to notch out a rough cylinder.

Step 3: Smooth out the rough edges.

Step 4: Stain to match. Ahh the heck with that. It's just a hamper. The process of staining would interfere with my need for instant satisfaction anyway. Besides, little man might just break it again.

In minutes I have undone what my boy had wrought. Fabricating that piece of wood makes me feel powerful, like I could create anything. Maybe little man will break something else 😉

Huzaa to woodworking!

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One thought on “Personal Stories – Daddy Fix

  1. artdavis November 7, 2007 at 7:52 am Reply

    Nice work. In our house, I have a policy that every new project requires the acquisition of a new tool. I don't know how I got it approved by the managing partners… I think it was just grandfathered in from before we got married. Anyway, if you need to do the repair again, definitely look into getting a Dado Blade Set for your table saw.

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