Personal Stories: The great orator

Little man is learning new words faster than my wife and I can record them. He can repeat almost anything we tell him. After Thanksgiving dinner, he could say goodbye to eight people by name (with some coaxing of course). Every day he wows us with new words and more complex sentences.

At 22 months old, little man's top 10 phrases are:

  • (mommy/daddy) carry you
  • watch a movie?
  • just one more cookie?
  • (little man) go sleepy-bye
  • (little man) awake!
  • Go outside!
  • (daddy/mommy) read book
  • Christmas tree (sounds to me like "comedy")
  • Line-up cars and butaas

"Butaa" is little man's word for "truck". This is the last word from little man`s baby talk and he will not change his vocabulary no matter how hard we try. For a firetruck, he makes a siren noise before "butaa". We once saw Santa riding on the back of a firetuck, and now when little man sees a Santa, he says "Santa ree-raa ree-raa butaa".

Most of what little man says relates to things often forbidden but that he pretty much wants all the time.

Huzaa to little man!

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