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Personal Stories – the second spawn

My dear wife delivered our second child last week. She will be referred to as baby sister, her unofficial nickname at my house. We are of course in love with her; just look at her!

Little man is very interested in baby sister and happily identifies all of her body parts. I taught him to say "shh" when baby sister cries out. So far, baby sister is a healthy, quiet, good eater of a cuteness machine.

You might not find any prior reference to my wife's pregnancy on this blog. There are two reasons for this. First, I have little free time away from work and family. My blogging time was unapologetically spent playing Halo 3. Second, bad people will try to kidnap new babies. The lack of baby abduction in my family is a testament to the effectiveness of anonymity.

Gratuitous baby sister photos will now accompany gratuitous little man photos

Huzaa to baby sister, you've been born!

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Personal Stories – Linux and busted stuff

Ubuntu Linux comes with a nifty program called Compiz Fusion that has some great desktop enhancements. Basically, it pretties up the desktop and makes moving windows around a lot easier. Back in the old days (man I'm old) personal computers pretty much just ran one program at a time. Now, computers run lots of programs at a time, but switching between "windows" kills my productivity. So any program that helps me organize my screen is a plus.

After some wrangling and help from the Ubuntu community, I managed to run Compiz. The results are awesome.

Notice how the windows fade away depending upon when I last used them and the general coolness factor. Imagine a desktop with all the best graphics of Mac OS X and Windows Vista (Home Premium, with a compatible video card). Yeah, it's that awesome. I wasn't even scratching the surface of Compiz features because I was afraid my video card would blow up or something.

Then the badness started.

Turns out Compiz has a famous bug that occurs with my brand of video card, Nvidia. In laymen's terms, which are the only terms I understand, the video card is unable to reuse its memory, and after a while, it fills up. Then when you open a new window, there is no memory left to render the new image. Hence, this bug is referred to as the Black-Windows -Bug. The Ubuntu community and Nvidia know of this problem, but for Nvidia cards like mine, a solution has been elusive.

So, back to the old fashioned style desktop and another gratuitous photo of little man.

The moral of the story: Ubuntu is great but can't fix everything. UPDATE: Problem solved. Now if I can just get that middle mouse button to work . . .

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Just silly – Splatter Patterns

Something the forensic expert in all of us. My lovely wife was setting little man's food on his tray when little man kicked the tray and sent food flying an obscene distance. Check out the spread of peas. Note that some survived in the bowl. The yogurt was the real surprise. It flew a good twelve feet, into the living room along a visible trail. My wife, Grandma, and I cleaned up and took these pictures as evidence. Back-up food was provided.

The tray had not been latched, but was this truly an accident? Maybe little man was saying, "aw man, not more crappy peas and sandwiches". Little man acted nonchalant, like he was unsure why we were fussing about sweeping up peas and wiping yogurt off of our rugs. Huzaa that it wasn't blueberries!

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