Just silly – Splatter Patterns

Something the forensic expert in all of us. My lovely wife was setting little man's food on his tray when little man kicked the tray and sent food flying an obscene distance. Check out the spread of peas. Note that some survived in the bowl. The yogurt was the real surprise. It flew a good twelve feet, into the living room along a visible trail. My wife, Grandma, and I cleaned up and took these pictures as evidence. Back-up food was provided.

The tray had not been latched, but was this truly an accident? Maybe little man was saying, "aw man, not more crappy peas and sandwiches". Little man acted nonchalant, like he was unsure why we were fussing about sweeping up peas and wiping yogurt off of our rugs. Huzaa that it wasn't blueberries!

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