Personal Stories – My old truck

Back in 2005,a friends father-in-law was downsizing and selling his old 1985 truck. For less than a grand, my wife and I bought. She jokingly called it my x-mas present. I was actually psyched to have it. I suffered through many moves and hauling using only car. The full size bed of the truck was a rusty bit of heaven.

We put the truck to work right away, hauling a new bed from a furniture outlet store. Then followed an antique corner cabinet for $20, drywall, an entire kitchen worth o, etc. We gave as well as we got. A truck full of cardboard and scrap metal was sent to the recyclers. Goodwill received an entire load of donations. Like "Thomas theTank Engine", our blue truck was also very useful.

Last summer we decided that we wanted our driveway more than our useful truck, and we planned to sell it after one last trip to the Salvation Army. Those donations would be our downfall. On the return trip, the truck started giving out. I had to roll through stop signs to keep it going until I could roll into a gas station. My dad and I discovered the fuel pump was spewing gas all over the engine. After the repair, I took for a test drive. Just as I was about to pull into the driveway, it gave out again. My then pregnant wife coaxed it into a parking spot after our attempts to push failed miserably. Because I have no idea how to repair old car technology like carburetors and what not, our useful blue truck had become a proverbial white elephant.

My wife wanted some recourse, like all of the money we spent keeping the big blue truck going. As the months went by with the rusting blue hulk dominating our driveway, my wife's monetary demands lessened. Last month she finally said, "let's just get rid of it." So a couple of weeks ago I put an ad on Craigslist for "An Inoperable 1985 Ford F-150 Pickup in very poor condition – $250". The next day I had received over two dozen e-mails. Note to self, never underestimate the market for junk. The lucky buyer was a man named "Cork" with a flat bed truck and a check that hasn't bounced (yet). I sent all the potential buyers this picture:

Hasta la vist

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