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Personal Stories – Yo’ Bro’

My big brother is an Army Major, in IRAQ. He has been in the armed forces since college; this is what he does. He sacrifices periods of his life to accomplish something greater. It is a life that is important to him. In this mission, his expertise will help Americans and Iraqis. Huzaa to you big bro'!

This is a picture he sent after a meeting with the ambassador to Iraq. My big bro' is the one with the red circle around his head. He doesn't smile like that for family photos, let me assure you. He married last July and by the time he returns, he and his wife will have spent more time apart than together. He definetly isn't smiling about that. Maybe he's happy because the local temperature hasn't hit hellish yet.

My bro' is not the only person I know who will be in Iraq this year. A friend of mine from high school is going back in as a civilian contractor. He will make more money than my brother, but he is leaving behind a wife AND kids.

When you know someone in Iraq, questions about the purpose of the war are irrelevant . All that really matters is that they are safe and make it back home O.K. 'Nuff said.

Stay safe guys.

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Personal Stories: Giganto-Baby

Baby sister had her first doctor's appointment. We knew she was big. Although she is 2 months old, we have been dressing her in the 6-9 month outfits. Our apologies to those who gave us 0-6 month outfits. Those clothes are just too small for our girl.

The official measurements are in, with a comparison to other 2 month old girls.

Height: 24.5 inches – off the charts, I assume she is the biggest 2 month old girl in the world.

Weight: 14.07lbs – off the charts, I assume she is the heaviest 2 month old girl in the world.

Head Circumference: 40cm (why it's in metric, I don't know) – 95% percentile, so 5% of the little baby girls out there have freakishly larger heads than baby sister.

So now baby sister is unofficially known as giganto-baby. In fact, she is so big that her waist is only 2 inches smaller than little man's waist, and he is almost 2 and 1/2 years old. Guess who will be wearing boy pants for a while!

Some might fear an enourmous baby, but I am so proud. She is a healthy breast feeding champion with a possible basketball scholarship if people are still into women's basketball 18 years form now. At the very least, my baby can probably beat-up your baby.

You go girl!

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Rants: Save the world with blackness

While setting up my Ubuntu Linux desktop, I noted a plethora of dark desktop themes, as in white text on a black background. It's not only old school, it serves some very good purposes. Let me count the ways:

1. White on black is easier on the eyes.
2. Dark desktops are easier to see at night and wont' ruin your night vision.
3. Dark desktops might use less energy than bright desktops.
4. Black is different and totally non-conformist until everyone starts doing it. Then we will start using a rainbook look, then denim, and back to white.

For my part, I have adjusted my iGoogle screen and this blog to embrace the darkness. I suppose I could use blackle for even more possible earth saving awesomeness. On my own desktop, I chose  the Mac-like grey on grey over the darker themes. I could not find a useable black theme. Sometimes menu items were whited out and other times text boxes were entirely black. So is the way of aesthetic progress.

Let me know what you think of this bold new look.

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