Personal Stories – Yo’ Bro’

My big brother is an Army Major, in IRAQ. He has been in the armed forces since college; this is what he does. He sacrifices periods of his life to accomplish something greater. It is a life that is important to him. In this mission, his expertise will help Americans and Iraqis. Huzaa to you big bro'!

This is a picture he sent after a meeting with the ambassador to Iraq. My big bro' is the one with the red circle around his head. He doesn't smile like that for family photos, let me assure you. He married last July and by the time he returns, he and his wife will have spent more time apart than together. He definetly isn't smiling about that. Maybe he's happy because the local temperature hasn't hit hellish yet.

My bro' is not the only person I know who will be in Iraq this year. A friend of mine from high school is going back in as a civilian contractor. He will make more money than my brother, but he is leaving behind a wife AND kids.

When you know someone in Iraq, questions about the purpose of the war are irrelevant . All that really matters is that they are safe and make it back home O.K. 'Nuff said.

Stay safe guys.

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