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Personal Stories – Our new deck

So far unwilling to trade up our little piece of heaven, my wife and I are upgrading instead. We've almost exhausted our interior work, but their is plenty of money to spend on the outside. Prime candidate was our deck.

We knew our deck was in bade shape. It had rot, mold, fungus, nails popping up out of it, posts that were two small and spans that were two big. The whole crappy thing was wrapped in a splinter laden lattice because the balusters were too far apart. But we really got the motivation to fix it when we read the ask the builder section of This Old House magazine. An inquisitive reader had sent a picture of their deck and asked what product they should use to seal it. The answer, to paraphrase, was "don't seal it, tear it down!". The pictured deck looked twice as good as ours, so we took This Old House's advice.

Little did we know that we would have the world's fasted deck construction ever in the history of mankind.

Monday: The old deck comes down. Holes are dug.

Tuesday: The posts go in, the frame goes up.

Wednesday: The decking goes down and the railing goes up. The deck passes final inspection.

Total time from start to finish was three days. I couldn't buy the lumber in three days. Now we can enjoy our completely safe and up-to-code deck. If you live in central Iowa and need some quality construction, call the number on the trailer 🙂

Huzaa to new decks!

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Personal Stories – Vacation 2008

Last week was the annual family vacation. This year we returned to the north woods of Minnesota. Eagles soar down and majestically pluck fish from fertile lakes surrounded by virgin pines. And all of our meals were prepared for us!

My wife and I are parents and making meals is really hard. Little man and baby sister are both terrible in the kitchen. So striding into our lodge's restaurant for breakfast or eating pie at my in-law's cabin is a vacation in and of itself. The swimming, boating, and fishing are just proverbial icing on the literal cake.

These are all shots from my Blackberry. The one of little man with the Spiderman fishing rod was from my Blackberry in a sandwich bag (to protect it from water, of course).

The following two were taken by our Canon Elph:


Huzaa to getting away from it all!

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