Personal Stories – Vacation 2008

Last week was the annual family vacation. This year we returned to the north woods of Minnesota. Eagles soar down and majestically pluck fish from fertile lakes surrounded by virgin pines. And all of our meals were prepared for us!

My wife and I are parents and making meals is really hard. Little man and baby sister are both terrible in the kitchen. So striding into our lodge's restaurant for breakfast or eating pie at my in-law's cabin is a vacation in and of itself. The swimming, boating, and fishing are just proverbial icing on the literal cake.

These are all shots from my Blackberry. The one of little man with the Spiderman fishing rod was from my Blackberry in a sandwich bag (to protect it from water, of course).

The following two were taken by our Canon Elph:


Huzaa to getting away from it all!

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