Personal Stories – Big OS, little flash drive

I like my linux based Ubuntu operating system, but I can't stand the hardware that runs it. Linux can do a lot, but it can't fix busted stuff.

My work laptop, on the other hand, is a fantastic piece of hardware but it runs Windows XP, one of my least favorite operating systems. I also feel a little uneasy strapping my work laptop to my exercises bike to watch videos on Hulu. I still plan on doing this, but it would be nice if all of my important settings and files weren't involved.

Then my wife had a brilliant idea, can't I just use my work laptop and run linux off a USB drive? One download , cd image burn, and install on a USB drive later, and the impossible becomes possible. I'm running an entire operating system on a drive the size of my thumb. My one complaint is the slow speed of the flash drive. Had I known that there were much faster drives available, I might have spent more than $25 for an 8Gb drive.

There are some bonuses beyond repurposing my hardware and keeping work away from personal stuff. I can use the flash drive in any computer with a USB port. If my computer goes FUBAR, I can boot up with the flash drive. My personal info and settings can all be stored in my pocket. Best of all, I feel like a hax0r.

Huzaa for pendrive linux!

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