Just Silly – Virtualizing myself

This is my best approximation of myself using the Xbox 360's new "Avatars". I've played video games that let players coustomize their looks, and two games in particular, Oblivion and Mass Effect, have awesome face manipulation tools. I skipped my workout because I was having too much fun customizing my virtual self.

But a virtual self need not look like me. Perhaps I've always dreamed of looking different, sporting wild red hair, face paint, bigger arms, and anime style nub of a nose. Nah. Turns out I've always wanted to wear an orange Hawaiian shirt.

Could the future of on-line activity bring photo-realistic avatars like CNN's controversial holograms? Let's hope not. The detail in the picture to the left is about as much as I want to show. And what if I did want my avatar to be a 7" tall elf with green skin? If avatars showed the real me then I would have to cosplay everytime I fire up Halo 3.

The point is that avatars provide a friendler interface than static user pictures. They can move, look around, and dance. They can even play games for you.

Huzaa to avatars!

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