Personal Stories – An ode to my little man

My little boy will be 3 soon, and in the last 3 years I have grown quite fond of him. The other night I was reading him a story about Thomas the Tank Engine and Thomas mentioned the time he fell into a mine. My little guy asks me, "What's a mine?" Then he says with emphasis, "WHAT IS IT!" All this time hearing about mines and he finally wanted to know what it was.

To give my wife and baby a break from a screaming, wiggling toddler, I often taken little man out with me. We go to the playground, the grocery store, and now that the weather is frigid, the mall play center. Often we just walk around the block or play in the backyard. He has no qualms about playing in the dark which is good because night hits us at 5:00 these days.

One time I was walking with him and he was holding my hand. I thought about how fast he's growing and how I should savor these moments, because someday he won't want me holding his hand. Until then . .

Who neds quartersElmo lives!Soccerball run with Little Man

Noa loves to just run and run at stores and the mall. He's getting too fast; I can barely catch up to him! At play centers he is oddly sedate. He will stay put and protect his turf from other kids. When he's been out for a couple of times in a row, he starts talking to and running around with the other kids.

And of course I love to have our big baby girl with us, but she has a special relationship with Mom that I just can't replicate (if you know what I'm getting at.) So baby girl excursions are family events.

Huzaa to gratuitous pictures of my children!

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